Best Tablets for Kids 2014

LeapFrog LeapPad 3

LeapFrog LeapPad 3

Popular Tablets for Kids in 2014

Best Tablets for Kids Reviews

Children these days have the best toys gadgets – and kids tablets are all the rage! The most popular tablets for kids in 2014 are educational, rugged, and kid safe.

The top kids tablets for 2014 include:

More than just nifty gadgets, studies have shown that tablet devices are great educational tools; moreover, the easy interfaces make them the perfect device for young ones eager to explore their creative sides.

Instead of simply looking at pictures while reading, 21st century munchkins get to interact with all of their favorite heroes and heroines through the use of electronic tablet computers.

Considering all the cognitive benefits, it’s no surprise that hardware companies are creating tablet PCs made specifically for children. Kids tablet computers focus on early childhood education – with gaming and educational software. Touchscreen tablets and apps have revolutionized learning and communication for individuals with autism/ASD and other special needs.

If a kids tablet with wifi is on your list of 2014 must buys – Quality parental controls create a safe learning environment for kids. The top rated tablets for kids in 2014 will be educational, rugged and child safe.

Anyone who’s dared take their children on a road trip will immediately recognize an obvious benefit of kids tablets – no longer do you have to choose just a few books for the journey. Before you hit the road, simply fill up the kids slate with hours and hours (and hours) of educational entertainment to keep them occupied. Imagine, a kiddie tablet and set of head-phones could actually make that long voyage to the grandparents…pleasant.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a kids slate and start sharing the magical world of 21st century education with your child.

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