ClickN KIDS Tablet

ClickN KIDS Introduce New Tablet Tailored to Children

Clickn Kids Tablet

Clickn Kids Tablet

Children love technology as much as adults do, and people who have children know how hard it is to get their tablets out of their children’s hands. With this in mind, award-winning educational content creators ClickN KIDS have just released a family tablet that is tailor-made for children.

Their new ClickN KIDS tablet offers endless entertainment and educational opportunities for your children at a very reasonable price. The kids tablet comes with 30 pre-loaded apps to keep your kids not only entertained, but learning as well. It’s available in eight colors and comes with a very sturdy gel cases that ensures the safety of both your child and the tablet.

Among the 30 free apps is the famed Looney Tunes Phonics program, which has been lauded by educators as a one of the best supplemental tools for teaching your kids how to read in a way that is both fun and highly effective.

It is an Android-based tablet that comes with all of the features you would expect from a regular “adult” tablet – a front-facing camera, built-in stereo speakers, dual-core processor, WiFi, 8GBs of storage with expansion options for 32GB, and much more.

Anyone looking for a high-technology gadget that both they and their children will benefit from greatly can’t go wrong with the ClickN KIDS family tablet.

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  1. Amy Abdeen says

    Hi! The ClickN Kids Tablet looks amazing. I was wondering if the tablet can play facebook games such as Candy Crush? Thank you.

  2. says

    I just purchased a tablet and it is not working.

    I need help advice on what to do . Tablet has been turned on but it is a dark or black screen.

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