iPad Mini 2 for Kids

Miniature iPad 2 for Kids

$249 iPad Mini 2 Arriving Soon

Kids always want to do what mom and dad are doing and, if they are like mine, want to borrow the iPad or iPhone 5C‏. To solve this problem, Apple has designed second generation iPad Mini which is smaller and lighter than the original iPad. It is slated to come out in the summer of 2013, just in time for that perfect Christmas gift.

Apple's iPad Mini

Apple’s iPad Mini

The lighter, thinner iPad mini is suitable for kids of any age. The second generation iPad Mini 2 is much easier to use than a smartphone or iPhone. The child can access any number of applications and programs and use it for learning as well as entertainment. Much of the learning is interactive and engages minds as well as teaching motor skills. The touchscreen is easy and fun to use.

Apple’s iPad Mini 2 can be customized for your child and you can monitor it for safety. There are countless applications and content that can be loaded on your kid’s tablet. It can access e-Books, music, video and games and also be used for a TV, audio books and for web browsing. Just think how happy your child will be to watch YouTube or play Angry Birds on his or her very own tablet PC. Your child will love iPad accessories for kids and cool iPad games!

Apple’s second gen mini tablet is an affordable alternative to the full-sized iPad and a much better choice for children. Even teens will like it because of its smaller size and portability. Put the miniature iPad 2 on your Christmas list and watch for the release date.

The 2048×1536 pixel Retina version of the iPad Mini won’t come until early 2014 with production ramping up at the end of 2013. With Apple aquiring iWatch trademarks around the world, it is safe to assume this device can be moved out of the rumor category and into something for next year’s Christmas list.

Looking for a larger sized tablet? Check out the Apple iPad Maxi for kids!

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