Kurio Kids Tablets

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The award-winning Kurio kids tablets are back in more sizes with more features. Kurio is now offering the Kurio Touch 4s, Kurio 7s tablet and Kurio 10s tablet. The 4s has a 4-inch screen, the 7s a 7-inch screen and the 10s – available exclusively at Toys R Us – has a 10 inch screen. These devices will retail for $99.99, $149.99, and $249.99 respectively and come with more features than ever before.

Kurio Kids Tablets

Kurio Kids Tablets

As before, the Kurio kids tablet devices are WiFi enabled, but with new comprehensive parental controls and a stronger internet filter, parents can be sure their little ones are safe online. An exclusive agreement with Disney/Pixar also means the tablets come preloaded with kid friendly applications including favorite characters from Cars 2, Disney Princesses and more. In addition, preloaded Mr. Nussbabum learning apps engage children from pre-school age through the 6th grade.

With all these engaging features, kids may want to be on the tablet all day, but new features allow parents to set up time limit controls for usage. In addition, the Kurio S Tablets can now store up to 8 separate profiles for use in a classroom, daycare setting or households with more than one child.

These new generation tablets have also seen upgrades in hardware and software. Kurio Android tablets now have a multicore processor and an impressive 8GB of storage. These devices also operate on the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean system.

With new sizes, upgrades, and more comprehensive parental controls, families are sure to find the Kurio tablet for kids that is just right. Parents also appreciate the safety and security of these devices.

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