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Nabi Junior Tablet for Kids

The Nabi Jr is a 5-inch mini kids tablet, powered by a dual-core Nvidia Tegra processor. The 800-by-480-pixel screen will serve as a window into Nabi’s modified, child-friendly skin of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Nabi Jr Tablet for Kids

Nabi Jr Tablet for Kids

The Nabi Jr. is a new Android tablet for children from Fuhu that can do double duty as a baby monitor.

The Nabi Junior is a Wi-Fi-enabled device, connects to Fuhu’s custom app store. The Nabi Junior tablet features plenty of educational and entertaining apps. The Nabi kids slate features the Wings Education System, a learning app that will help your child with reading, writing, math and creativity. Over 1,000 more apps and games can be downloaded from Nabi Jr.’s store – and you can also connect to Amazon’s Appstore.

The rugged toddler tablet also boasts a rotating camera that can be used as a baby monitor for parents and might make the list of hot Christmas toys 2013.

The Nobi tablet is priced at $99 for the 4GB model or $129 for the 16GB – Stay tuned for the Nabi Jr. accessory line.

For older children (teens and tweens), check out the Nabi XD Tablet.

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  1. joyce cauley says

    can I down load other things or is the tablet just what you buy. Can I hook it up to the computer and download other things. Thank you..Joyce

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