Osmo Game System Review

Osmo iPad Game for Kids

Osmo iPad Gaming System

Osmo iPad Gaming System

The top ten toys for Christmas 2014 will include Osmo.

Tangible Play’s Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays. Osmo, is a magical experience that merges the real and virtual worlds to defy the boundaries of play. Now, your child can play on the iPad with real people and real objects while promoting social intelligence and creative thinking.

Osmo uses reflective artificial intelligence, a new technology that bridges the real and digital realms for unlimited possibilities of play. The system comes in two parts; a stand for your iPad and a red lozenge to reflect the camera down towards the table. Then you can play games where the camera recognizes small objects that you put in front of the iPad. A mobile app directs the kids to play collaborative games that make use of both the screen and physical objects.

The device will launch with three games: Tangram, Newton and Words. Tangram is an iPad-enabled version of the Chinese game with the same name, in which players form an object with colorful wooden shapes. Newton combines drawing lines and shapes on paper in front of the iPad to direct falling balls towards a target. Words is a hangman-like puzzle game where players compete against each other to guess a word using letter tiles.

The Osmo game system includes the Osmo kit, words tiles, wooden tangram shapes, and free games are available on the AppStore.

Osmo works with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Mini with Retina Display, and iPad Air, and it’s built for children ages six and up. Osmo is available to pre-order on the Osmo website and is priced at $99.

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iPad Mini 2 Retina for Kids

iPad Mini 2 Retina

iPad Mini 2 Retina for Kids

iPad Mini 2 Retina for Kids

Kids love technology, and there is no better gift for Christmas this year than the gift of tech. If you’re considering the iPad mini 2 Retina this year, you’ve made a great choice. The second generation of this popular gadget is the perfect size for small hands, and can be everything from a gaming device to a portable television.

Key features include access to over 1 million apps, a 5-megapixel camera, and a quality retina screen for reading. With access to the App Store there’s a wealth of child-friendly games, apps (Angry Birds Go) and ebooks to buy and download. More than just a play toy, the iPad Mini 2 Retina is an educational device that grows with your children. Perfect for reading books, studying, and even watching videos, the mini can be tailored for your child’s needs and desires.

The iPad Mini 2 Retina can help your child develop and strengthen cognitive skills, decision-making abilities, and critical thinking skills. With the hundreds-of-thousands of applications available in the iTunes store, no two minis are alike. Whether your child is two or 12, the mini makes the perfect 2014 holiday gift.

Smaller and lighter than the original iPad, the mini is easy for your kids to hold. With a touchscreen interface, your kids navigate apps with their fingertips, helping to improve fine motor skills. With a wide range of accessories available for the second generation iPad mini, your children can deck out their device to suit their individual styles.

Similar to a kids tablet, parents can restrict the Safari web browser from showing adult content and the ability to install apps. Disable access to explicit content if you don’t want your child to listen to music, podcasts or more adult-themed TV shows.

The iPad Mini Retina is a tablet both parents and children can use, though it’s probably better suited to slightly older children. If your kids are begging for tech this year, look no further than the newest version of the iPad Mini 2 Retina. Apple is rumored to release the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Pro in October 2014 – just in time for the holidays.

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Best Tablet for Kids 2014

New Tablets for Kids in 2014

Nabi DreamTab HD8

Nabi DreamTab HD8

Would you like to take part in the kids tablet craze, but you don’t know which tablet to buy? Tablets are set to be big sellers this Christmas from new iPads to Android slates all vying to be under your tree on December 25th. Popular 2014 kids tablets include the LeapPad 3, Nabi DreamTab HD8 and the iPad Mini 2 Retina.

Kids Tablet Reviews 2014 feature robust, simpler versions of the full-sized “adult” versions that most people are used to seeing. They have operating systems that are specifically designed to sacrifice complex functionality in exchange for being simply to navigate, making them more suitable for young minds. They are largely app-based, and can be installed with games and educational apps that are age-appropriate. They also tend to be very intuitively built for young hands that may be a bit more accident-prone, and usually have very rugged shells that can resist drops against hard surfaces pretty well. Kids tablets with Google Play and safe kids tablets with wifi are popular choices for parents.

Parents of young children can attest to the fact that babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are drawn to our mobile devices. It isn’t difficult to surmise what the direction of future home computing is going to look like. From smart phones to new touchscreen-based computers that are large and robust enough to double as coffee tables, it’s pretty obvious that touch screens are the future of how we interact with the technology that puts us in touch with the world.

Exposing our children to this, and allowing them to become comfortable with using it at an early age gives them a powerful head start when it comes time for them to gain the proficiency with computers that will be practically essential in the future job market. For children that are, say, in elementary school, the best way to do this is with a flexible tablet computer that’s built just for them. The best tablet for kids 2014 needs to be built to withstand plenty of knocks and bumps. The type and range of content you can acess will be a big factor whether it’s being able to play Angry Birds Go or learning how to count to ten.

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Back to School Giveaway

Back-to-School Giveaway 2014

Enter to WIN a $50 Amazon Gift Card

The summer isn’t even over yet, but before you know it, kids will be heading back to school! It’s still plenty hot, and your children are probably in their bathing suits by the pool, but it’s time to start thinking about what they need to go back to class.

Back to School Giveaway

Back to School Giveaway

The winner of the back to school giveaway will recieve a $50 gift card from Amazon. (The winner may also receive their prize via Paypal.)

Popular back to school supplies include binders, pencils and kids tablet devices.

Give-a-way rules:

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway. This giveaway ends on August 31th, 2014 at midnight. The winner will be contacted shortly after by email. The winner will be chosen by random.org through Rafflecopter.

Open to Canadian and U.S. residents only, ages 18+. Enter via the Rafflecopter below and all entries will be verified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*The winner must have a valid PayPal account.

Good luck! The winner will be announced on September 1st, 2014.

This 2014 Back-to-School giveaway is sponsored by me. Click here for giveaway rules.

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LeapPad XDi Ultra

Has it happened to you yet? Maybe your head was turned when your child grabbed the shiny, beeping, curious-looking rectangle on the table. And, splat! You watched in desperation as your treasured iPad pummeled to the floor.

LeapPad Ultra XDi

LeapPad Ultra XDi

Children, like adults, are fascinated by electronics. So instead of letting the little ones play with your expensive, adult-friendly iPad, why not buy your child their own tablet PC! Not only are children’s tablets fun for your kids, but they’re also digital learning tools. Better yet, studies show that interactive games jumpstart personal creativity.

LeapFrog, the leader in children’s electronic “edutainment” products, has developed the LeapPad XDi kids tablet for children between the age of 4 and 9.

The LeapPad Ultra XDi offers a high-resolution screen, 8GB of storage, plus front and rear cameras capable of video recording. It also has an onboard MP3 player that will make use of that extra storage.

Perfectly sized for tiny hands, the 7-inch tablet comes pre-loaded with hundreds of colorful, kid-friendly games and educational videos. A mini, all-in-one media center, the LeapFrog’s XDi tablet also features a microphone, camera and video recorder – hey, when your child gets a hold of the LeapPad Ultra, you may just discover you’re raising the next Steven Spielberg! Also a child’s e-reader, the third generation LeapPad computer pad is a great phonics and reading comprehension tutor.

What appears to be magic to kids, this dynamic digital device responds to touch and movement; the screen adjusts to either landscape or portrait just by turning! Also included is a stylus and handwriting applications so your child can practice the long-lost art of penmanship.

The LeapFrog XDi is available in green or pink and is scheduled to hit retail stores in the summer – August 2014. The newest LeapFrog pad computer is predicted to be among the top Christmas toys for 2014.

The 7-inch LeapPad XDi Ultra is priced at $130, and the smaller 5-inch LeapPad 3 is priced at $100 – perfect to go with the new Leapfrog LeapTV!

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LeapPad 3 Kids Tablet

LeapPad 3 Learning Tablet for Children

LeapFrog has announced a smaller version of its LeapPad Explorer tablet for kids, the LeapPad 3. The newest LeapPad device features some significant upgrades and will retail for about $100. The 2014 LeapPad3 is recommended for children ages 3 to 9, and the device works with LeapFrog’s library of games and apps – including the Frozen app.

LeapPad 3

LeapPad 3

Focusing on early childhood education, the LeapPad 3 kids tablet features a child-safe web browser, wi-fi, a 5-inch touchscreen, and 4GB of internal storage and and access to the LeapFrog Learning Library. The educational tablet includes Wi-Fi connectivity with LeapSearch, LeapPad’s browser. You’ll also find 4 GB of storage and 2.0 MP cameras on the front and back.

The LeapPad 3 and LeapPad XDi Ultra will both be hitting stores in the fall. The LeapPad Ultra XDi is the bigger brother, priced at $130. It has a 7″ display with 8 GB of storage, along with the same cameras on the front and back.

The third generation LeapPad is available in green or pink for $100 – and is predicted to be one of the top Christmas toys for 2014. Watch for the new LeapFrog LeapTV gaming system for kids!

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VTech’s 4th Generation Children’s Learning Tablets

Wi-Fi-enabled kids tablets are the latest tech-toy for children. Educational tablet toys are portable, affordable, and kids love them! With the VTech Innotab tablets for kids, children can access a Kid Safe Web Browser and an exclusive Kid Connect communication application.

VTech's 4th Generation Children's Learning Tablets

VTech’s 4th Generation Children’s Learning Tablets

The InnoTab Max, InnoTab 3 Plus, and the Innotab 3S Plus will hit the market in August 2014.

The InnoTab 3S Plus kids tablet is multi-media slate complete with a 180-degree rotating video camera, MP3 and video player, rechargeable battery, and 18 included apps.

The new 2014 InnoTab slates feature VTech Kid Connect – an exclusive communication app that allows kids to be connected with their parents and friends through both tablet-to-mobile and tablet-to-tablet communication, a rechargeable battery pack with AC adapter and a kid-safe Internet browser. Wi-Fi Kid Connect allows children to send photos and voice recordings to parents and each other.

Your child can download hundreds of e-books, games, videos and music wirelessly from VTech’s online Learning Lodge hub.

Help your child learn valuable skills such as math, reading, spelling and comprehension. Edutainment tablets also offer exciting games, e-books, and drawing features. The new VTech tablets are interactive, and this can help motivate children to learn.

VTech’s 4th Generation Children’s Learning Tablets are recommended for children 3 to 9 years old.

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Nabi DreamTab HD8

Looking for the best tablets for kids 2014 ?

The new Nabi Dream Tab HD8 kids tablet is an Android-based device with a NVIDIA Tegra 4 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8 inch full HD display, and a digital pen. This slate is made with kids in mind and provides them with lots of fun games, activities and so much more.

Nabi DreamTab HD8

Nabi DreamTab HD8

This powerful 8-inch Android tablet for kids allows children to develop their creativity. The DreamTab 8 makes it easier for kids to draw, animate, author their own books and edit movies like a pro.

The Dream Pro Studio software teaches drawing and animation using the Dream Pen (from Wacom). Nabi Konnect enables your child to share photos, instant message, and communicate through email apps. Access children’s programming from the Nabi Play and Nabi Radio apps.

The HD8 tablet features a parent mode that lets you use the device as a regular Android tablet with the stock Google app launcher and other features. The Nabi DreamTab for kids also comes in a larger 12-inch size.

Other specs include NFC, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, front and rear cameras, 16GB of storage, and a microSD card slot.

The Fuhu Nabi DreamTab 8 HD tablet for children is now available for about $269.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education

Kids Tablet With Google Play

Samsung has announced a new educational kids tablet. The Galaxy Tab 4 Education is a 10.1” WXGA (1280×800) rugged slate designed to work with Google Play for Education.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

The Android 4.4 device is equipped with a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, 1.5 GB of memory, and 16 GB of storage. Battery life from the 6800 mAH battery is rated at 10 hours for the 1.08 lb tablet.

The Galaxy Tab for Education includes is a microSD card slot for an additional 64 GB of storage, 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless, NFC and a HDMI port. The early childhood education tablet can be customized on Android using Multi Window.

The 2014 educational tablet for children will be compatible with a future upgrade of Samsung School – an interactive classroom management solution. The Google Apps for Education web console can be used to manage the learning tab for an additional $30.00.

The Samsung learning tablet is available as of today for $369.99 through Samsung and partners.

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Meep! X2 Tablet for Kids

Oregon Scientific Meep! X2

MEEP! X2 is a rugged Wi-Fi enabled 7-inch kids tablet featuring amazing zForce® touch screen technology. The 2014 Android tablet for kids runs on Android 4.2 and offers movies, music, e-books, and educational apps – aimed at children aged six years and above.

MEEP! X2 Tablet for Kids

MEEP! X2 Tablet for Kids

The MEEP X2 has access to a Meep! Store with over 800 games and apps and can access the Google Play Store via a parental portal when required. Access a vast library of pre-loaded games, educational apps, e-books and more all at the touch of your finger. Plus download hundreds of action packed games, challenging learning activities perfect for early childhood education.

Meep! X2 specs include a 1.2GHz, Dual Core Processor with 1GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 and an HDMI connector allows you to enjoy videos via your home TV.

The Oregon Scientific Meep! X2 comes preloaded with many learning programs and runs on Android OS. The 2014 kids tablet has 4GB of internal storage with an SD media card expansion slot for up to 32GB of additional memory. USB connectivity and an audio out jack for headphones are included. The G-sensor will ensure that the image onscreen is always the right way up.

The most exciting part about the new kids tablet are the accessories. Meep! X2 accessories include a joystick, microphone, steering wheel, piano keyboard, drum pad, headphones and game-pro case.

The Oregon Scientific MEEP X2 kids tablet is now available exclusively at Toys “R” US stores and online for $149.99.

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