Kurio Tab Series with Motion Control

Gesture Tablets for Kids

Kurio is introducing motion technology to its Kurio Tab Series – predicted to be one of the best tablets for kids in 2014. The Kurio Motion tablets come with ten pre-loaded learning apps.

Kurio Motion Tablet for Kids

Kurio Motion Tablet for Kids

The Kurio Motion is a kids tablet with motion sensors. The cameras in the tablet can sense the user’s body and track movements to enable full control of games. Gesture technology will assist with early childhood development skills like hand to eye coordination, memory, language and math skills. Gesture technology is perfect for learning, co-ordination and gaming.

Kurio Motion apps include the Learn & Fun Pack which teaches children letters, numbers, colors, shapes and animals. The Sports Pack has activities such as swimming, goal kicking and skiing and spacecraft racing.

The Kurio Tab Series with Motion is due to launch in July, available in three sizes: Kurio Tab (7-inch), Kurio Tab Pro (8-inch) and Kurio Tab XL (10-inch)

The best kids tablets for 2014 include WiFi, access to Google Play and quality parental controls.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite for kids. The 7-inch kids tablet is cheaper yet less powerful than the original Galaxy Tab 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite for kids features a 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, a 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, a microSd card slot, and a 2MP rear camera (with no front-facing camera). The tablet computer includes a 3600mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite for Kids

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite for Kids

The educational tablet comes in a variety of colors including blue green, peach pink and lemon yellow making it stylish and friendly for any child’s personality.

This child-friendly device features Samsung’s Kid Mode software which includes a simple user interface, parental controls, and quick access to educational apps which enhances early childhood education.

The kids WiFi tablet should be available in China in early March for about $175. There’s no word on whether Samsung plans to offer the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite for children in other countries.

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Metis Eddy Android Tablet for Kids

Metis Learning has launched the Eddy Android tablet for kids in India. The kids tablet comes with pre-loaded content based on their school’s curriculum and focuses on game-based learning. This 7-inch tablet is priced for Rs 9,999, targeting children between 2 and 10 years of age.

Eddy Tablet for Kids

Eddy Android Tablet for Kids

The Eddy educational tablet comes with over 150 learning games, and is linked to school curriculum. Eddy also comes with parental controls, a kid-safe browser, and high-quality hardware.

Eddy has a 7-inch (1024×600) IPS display, a 0.3 megapixel front camera and a 2 megapixel back camera.

Aimed at early childhood education, the Android-powered tablet focuses on language, mathematics, and creativity. Children can read books, learn to play the piano, explore the world and the universe as well as practice math through games on the Eddy tablet.

Parents can access over 50,000 educational apps on the Google Play store. Eddy also comes with an exclusive recommendation engine for parents, the Kids Radar, which recommends the most suitable learning apps for their kids on the Play store.

Eddy is being offered at an introductory price of Rs.9,999 until February 20, and at present is exclusively available on Amazon.com and eddytablet.com.

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Second-Generation XO Tablets for Kids

OLPC And Vivitar Unveil New Android XO Tablets

Android XO Tablets

Android XO Tablets

OLPC and Vivitar have launched their second-generation XO tablets for children.

The Android-powered kids tablets now come in two sizes: 7 and 10 inches. The tablets, OLPC XO-2 and XO-10, have similar hardware specifications with some tweaks in the operating systems.

Both XO tablets have 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The new student slates boast faster processors, and accessories for the tablets include microscopes, telescopes, speakers, and more.

OLPC XO-10 sports a 10.1-inch 1200 x 600 LCD capacitive touch display along with the in-built storage size same as that in XO-2 tablet. The educational tablets include a GPS feature and offer excellent battery options. The 7 inch model gets up to 7 hours of run time, while the 10 inch tablet gets 12 hours of battery life.

The main screen of the Android-based tablets are filled with different options for kids to learn about various professional fields, such as astronautics, science, programming, writing, music and athletics.

The 7 inch kids tablet will be priced at $150 and the 10 inch model for about $200.

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DreamWorks DreamTab for Kids

DreamWorks Android DreamTab

DreamWorks has partnered with Fuhu, the company that makes Toys R Us’ Nabi tablets, to produce an Android tablet for kids.

The DreamTab kids tablet will come in 8-inch and 12-inch configurations and run on Google’s Android platform overlayed with Fuhu’s operating system.



Educational software includes reading, writing and math lessons. The focus is early childhood education with apps that mimic online classes for kids. Set time limits with parental controls using “nabi” coins that can be added to your child’s account.

There will also be drawing lessons from DreamWorks animators, and will come with a professional-level stylus for children to use.

Visit the app zone to download and buy apps, games, movies, videos, e-books and other digital items.

Watch for Nabi DreamTab accessories, screen protectors, headphones, carrying cases and more.

The Dream Tab slate will be released this Spring for under $300.

Stay tuned for the Android DreamTab and other kids tablets at CES 2014.

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Best Tablets for Kids 2014

Popular Tablets for Kids in 2014

Best Tablets for Kids Reviews

Children these days have the best toys gadgets – and kids tablets are all the rage! The most popular tablets for kids in 2014 are educational, rugged, and kid safe.

More than just nifty gadgets, studies have shown that tablet devices are great educational tools; moreover, the easy interfaces make them the perfect device for young ones eager to explore their creative sides.

Instead of simply looking at pictures while reading, 21st century munchkins get to interact with all of their favorite heroes and heroines through the use of electronic tablet computers.

Considering all the cognitive benefits, it’s no surprise that hardware companies are creating tablet PCs made specifically for children. Kids tablet computers focus on early childhood education – with gaming and educational software. Touchscreen tablets and apps have revolutionized learning and communication for individuals with autism/ASD and other special needs.

If a kids tablet with wifi is on your list of 2014 must buys – Quality parental controls create a safe learning environment for kids. The top rated tablets for kids in 2014 will be educational, rugged and child safe.

Anyone who’s dared take their children on a road trip will immediately recognize an obvious benefit of kids tablets – no longer do you have to choose just a few books for the journey. Before you hit the road, simply fill up the kids slate with hours and hours (and hours) of educational entertainment to keep them occupied. Imagine, a kiddie tablet and set of head-phones could actually make that long voyage to the grandparents…pleasant.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a kids slate and start sharing the magical world of 21st century education with your child.

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Best Tablets for Kids Reviews

Top Rated Tablets for Kids in 2014

Top Tablets for Kids 2014

Top Tablets for Kids 2014

Would you like to take part in the kids tablet craze, but you don’t know which tablet to buy?

Parents of young children can attest to the fact that babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are drawn to our mobile devices. It isn’t difficult to surmise what the direction of future home computing is going to look like. From smart phones to new touchscreen-based computers that are large and robust enough to double as coffee tables, it’s pretty obvious that touch screens are the future of how we interact with the technology that puts us in touch with the world.

Exposing our children to this, and allowing them to become comfortable with using it at an early age gives them a powerful head start when it comes time for them to gain the proficiency with computers that will be practically essential in the future job market. For children that are, say, in elementary school, the best way to do this is with a flexible tablet computer that’s built just for them.

Most Popular Tablets for Kids in 2014

The most popular tablets for kids in 2014 are more robust, simpler versions of the full-sized “adult” versions that most people are used to seeing. They have operating systems that are specifically designed to sacrifice complex functionality in exchange for being simply to navigate, making them more suitable for young minds. They are largely app-based, and can be installed with games and educational apps that are age-appropriate. They also tend to be very intuitively built for young hands that may be a bit more accident-prone, and usually have very rugged shells that can resist drops against hard surfaces pretty well. Scratch resistant screens are also a big plus.

Early Childhood Education

Kids tablets can also be extremely effective learning tools for children that are cognitively diverse, and those that may learn in different ways than others. Children that might otherwise under-perform in a classroom environment that isn’t tailored to their needs may find it easier to excel with educational tablet apps that allow them to work and absorb information at their own pace. In an age in which standardized testing is more critically important than ever before, giving a child the electronic tools to combine learning and education when they’re outside of the classroom is an option that’s definitely worth considering.

Bookmark this page for the best, popular, top rated tablets for kids in 2014.

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School Zone Little Scholar Tablet for Kids

School Zone Little Scholar Tablet

School Zone Little Scholar Tablet

School Zone Little Scholar Tablet

The School Zone’s Little Scholar kids tablet is a smart educational tool for children ages 3-6. What you see is what you get with this tablet computer – you can’t add more apps to it.

The Little Scholar 8-inch tablet computer comes preloaded with $350 worth of original apps, videos, and music. It has a front and rear-facing camera, a music section and puzzle games that are both fun and educational.

Focusing on early childhood education, School Zone has created their own video series starring Charlie the Golden Retriever and featuring music by Brian Vander Ark.

Similar to online classes, the educational tablet has a three-level series of e-books that will help children learn to read. These are digital versions of early readers with audio voiceover, and some books have highlighted text as they read.

Use the A+ Report Card App to view dynamic graphs and reports of your child’s activity with each Little Scholar Early Childhood education program.

The Little Scholar tablet for kids is priced at $199.99.

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Vinci MV 7 Kids Tablet

Vinci MV 7 Tablet for Kids

Vinci MV 7 Tablet for Kids

Vinci MV 7 Tablet for Kids

The VINCI MV 7 Android tablet for families is available in time for the holidays. The new Vinci kids tablet is specifically for families with young children up to nine years old.

The Vinci MV 7-inch tablet focuses on early childhood education. The VINCI Curriculum boasts an award winning structured learning program designed to help advance and prepare your child for school. The VINCI Kids Library is a safe and commercial-free environment with over 800 titles handpicked by education experts, and created to engage your child in online classes.

Parents can use VINCI MV as a regular Android tablet and feel safe sharing it with their children as the content has no commercials, no in-app purchases, no violence and no adult content. The wireless 3G tablet computer is voice enabled and provides direct access to children’s educational content, including VINCI Curriculum and VINCI Kids Library featuring more than 800 story books, games and videos for download.

The early childhood education tablet has built in 3G connectivity, GPS and integrated WiFi. The 3G connectivity supports WCDMA + 1 GSM networks and the modem is unlocked. The processor under the hood of the tablet is a MTK 6755 SOC with an integrated GPU.

The operating system for the educational tablet is Android 4.1. The 7-inch screen has a native resolution of 1024 x 600 and supports multi touch. The tablet computer ships with a leather case, travel charger, and earphones with built in mic. The mic can be used for voice controlling the tablet.

The Vinci MV 7 is available to purchase for $199.99, and the VINCI MV 5 phone/tablet is priced at $149.99.

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Google Play for Education

Tablets With Google Play for Education

Using Google in the classroom is hardly a new idea. Teachers often use it to find resources, and it’s usually the first place students start to search for information on a project. While Google isn’t new for students and teachers, Google Play for Education is.

Google Play for Education

Google Play for Education

What is Google Play for Education? In simplest terms, it offers educators an easy way to find appropriate material for their classroom. Approved learning apps, books, and videos can be searched for and downloaded based on grade level, subject material, core standards, and cost. Online classes for kids are becoming more and more popular.

At one time, computers were all the rage in school districts; now computer tablets are. While iPads are the most commonly used, Androids could soon be giving them a run for their money in the education sector. Through Google in Education, educators will be able to get the Nexus 7 with Google Play for Education included.

Before undertaking this project, Google surveyed both teachers and IT admins in the education system. The most consistent feedback was that these busy professionals need more time, so Google made it a priority to come up with a product that was as streamlined and easy to use as possible.

To save teachers from having to take time out of class to set students up with another account, kids can simply log-in with their old Google accounts. IT admins will be thrilled to find out they’re supposed to be able to set up online classes in under 10 minutes.

With Google Play for Education, students and teachers can try a variety of resources to see what kind of apps work best without taking up too much time in the classroom or at home.

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